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Cosmetic Dentistry or Smile Designing

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our smile is the best expression of who we are and how we feel about ourselves and others. A smile displays one's confidence, competence and accomplishment. yet many people avoid smiling because they are concerned about imperfections in their teeth.
One's smile can change the course of his/her future. It can even determine one's social arena - especially marriage and career, and can even boost one's self esteem. Thus , a million dollar smile gives you confidence and reasons to flaunt it.

Question. What does cosmetic dentistry mean?
Ans. Any procedure that improves the beauty of your smile, falls under the classification of cosmetic dentistry. These can include variety of treatments reshaping your teeth/ tooth, giving caps, bleaching, veneering, diastema closures, tooth coloured restorations/ fillings and even tooth jewellery.

Question. What can cosmetic dentistry do for me?
Ans. It can,
a. brighten your dull teeth
b. whiten the yellow teeth
c. close the gaps between the front teeth / diastema closure
d. repair the broken / fractured teeth
e. mask the black / silver /metal fillings
f. straighten the unaligned / misaligned teeth
g. add a sparkle to your smile.

Tooth Coloured Fillings/ Composite/ Lazer Fillings

This is a single sitting procedure in which the carious portion of atooth is cleaned and filled with a tooth coloured filling material whisc is then cured by special UV light. The filled tooth is then polished to match the surrounding teeth. This procedure is best to fill small carious portions or repair the chipped teeth. This procedure can also be used to repair the silver fillings which generally turn blackafter sometime of use.


Dental Veneers are thin laminates (0.5 to 1.0 mm), which are semi translucent and are made of either porcelain or composite, and are permanently bonded to the front teeth to correct irregularity, discolouration, tooth fractures etc.

1. veneers are helpful in changing the shape and colour of teeth i.e. small, irregular and stained teeth can be corrected.

2. veneers are helpful in closing the ugly looking gaps between the front teeth, with minimal tooth loss procedures.

3. veneers are also helpful in repairing the broken or fractured teeth permanently.

4. teeth which are either too small (peg shaped) or too big (bunny teeth) or teeth which have stains or which are not properly formed or are effected due to dental fluorosis can also be permanently repaired with dental veneers.

Benefits of having veneers over other treatment options?

- minimal tooth structure loss as very conservative approach is followed.

- any desired level of whiteness in teeth (which suits your natural skintone) can be achieved.

- the colour of veneers is permanent, so no fear of colour change even years after treatment.

- they are very high in strength.

Tooth Bleaching/ Whitening
Tea, coffee, cold drinks, spices and smoking etc. cause our natural teeth to discolour, i.e with time the white colour of our teeth becomes yellow. dental bleaching/ whitening can whiten one's teeth by removing the tea/ cofee/ tobacco etc. stains.
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office home (bleach)

Office Bleach - the bleaching procedure is performed by a dentist in his dental office. This is a one hour long procedure. In this , very high concentration of hydrogen peroxide is applied over the front teeth, under special protection, and then is activated by UV light. Only the front six teeth (upper and lower), which are visible while smiling or speaking are bleached. We can achieve upto three shades whiter teeth with this procedure.

Home Bleach - special trays are fabricated for the patient and special bleaches are given to him. The patient loads the trays with the bleaching material provided to him at his home, daily for half an hour to whiten his teeth.
Both Office bleach treatment and Home bleach procedure are recommended simultaniously for the best results in teeth whitening.

Tooth Jewellery/ Tooth Gems

You can now add a sparkle to your perfect smile and flaunt it as a million dollar smile. At Dr Sabharwal's Tooth Clinic diamonds, gems and other jewels are available to enhance the shine of your smile.

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