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At Dr Sabharwal's Tooth Clinic and Dental Implant Centre, we follow the international levels of sterilization. We follow the sterilization protocol thatis recommended by the american dental association and is also being followed by all the developed nations like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and the European Union etc. In our dental practice we follow strict sterilization to ensure the safety and well being of our patients as well as our staff.

By following the stict sterilization protocol we are able to protect our patients from infectious diseases like HIV-AIDS, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, tuberculosis, syphillis and other many such infections which are spread through blood and salivary contamination. For dental check ups we use disposable gloves and masks on every patient which are discarded off after every patient. Needles, syringes, gauze pieces are for single use only and are disposed off properly in the bio-medical waste.

a four step sterilization protocol is being followed at our dental clinic

step1. we thoroughly scrub and wash the instruments in order to discard the debris.

step2. the washed instruments are rinsed in ultrasonic chambers/cleaners with chemicals.

step3. the instruments are then autoclaved.

Autoclaving is the best and fool proof method of sterilization. in autoclave we sterilize the instruments at 135 degree celcius in pressurized steam. steam under pressure has the capability to kill all the micro organisms including virus, bacteria and fungal spores, thereby providing complete protection from any sort of diseases which can be caused by dental instruments otherwise. autoclaving is the standard protocol being used by developed nations like the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia etc.

step4. the autoclaved instruments are then stored in UV chambers.

The UV light has a potential to maintain the sterilization for a long time. the autoclaved instruments which are sealed in a sterile packet are place in UV light chambers which also have the formylene tablets placed in them in order to maintain the total sterilization for a longer period of time.
to ensure a germ free/ sterile/ disinfected environment at our dental clinic/office, we regularly carry out the chemical fumigation of our premises.
even the dental chairs and the dental suction machines are also disinfected daily with chemicals to rule out any type of cross infection.
we even carry out the proper sterilization of the dental laboratory materials including the impressions and the prosthesis, in order to protect the dental laboratory technicians and staff, and our patients from cross infection.


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